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Cinderella With A Chain Saw

Just your friendly neighborhood Tumblr!

I am a Potterhead, first and foremost.
I am also a Oncer,
Airbender,and Nerdfighter Extraordinaire! I listen to Panic! At The Disco, The Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel almost exclusively, although I was rased on a diet of Dave Matthews and The Beatles.

Essentially, I am 15, bored, and living in the middle of everywhere. My dream is to be able to make a living by drinking tea and reading Middle-grade Fiction. Writing Middle-grade fiction is a close second. Being a naive child, I'll probably keep plugging away at it until I'm sniveling in a gutter somewhere and I FINALLY realize that I should have become an accountant. Regardless, I'm not quite there yet, so let's have some fun, yeah?
Oct 22 '13
A holiday treat for the Moreos guy.

A holiday treat for the Moreos guy.